About Go Inside News

Go Inside News is an archive of thoughts and observations on the news media industry from an insider. Hal Crawford has worked in traditional and digital media from 1995 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He was one third of the Share Wars project that examined the influence of Facebook on news from 2012-2015 and published a book, All Your Friends Like This.

The Go Inside News position on revenue decline in ad-funded news is that the world is facing a market failure which will continue to hurt free societies until governments take action. Great care and creativity will be required to come up with public funding models that enable news media to observe and report fairly and engagingly. The models will have to go beyond traditional public broadcasting.

It is possible that if we get these new structures right we will be better served by "new public media" in terms of daily news than in the grand old days of profitable TV stations, newspapers and magazines. 

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